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Perform better in organic search in Inverness, the Highlands, and Scotland with search engine optimization and content marketing.


SEO is a key area for all online businesses to focus on. Carbon14 can work with you to develop marketing strategies that help you gain more business locally and further afield.

Grow your business online with SEO and digital marketing

Getting your business found in organic search results can be a long process. If you do not receive the correct guidance and marketing support, you may not get the results you originally hoped for.

Carbon14 will talk you through SEO best practice when creating your content and promoting your business online. Presenting tips on how to carry out thorough keyword research to gain organic traffic, page speed optimizations, to proven link building strategies.

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SEO & Marketing

Conversion rate optimization powered by keyword research

Who is your ideal customer? What terms do they use when searching for a business similar to yours? Does your existing content match their needs?

Keyword research is vitally important to performing well in organic search. The terms customers use in Google search queries change and your content should evolve to match this.

Carbon14 will demonstrate extensive keyword research methods that your competitors will not be using. This means your content is not only unique, but it is exactly what your customer is looking for. Carbon14 can arrange monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss the terms you are gaining high impressions for and how to target those better.

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SEO & Marketing

Using analytics to understand user behaviour and increase conversions

You may have heard of Google Analytics. If not, it is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to track user interaction on your website. You can monitor the growth in traffic, to the time spent on each page, and even identify where the traffic is coming from.

Carbon14 installs Google Analytics with each website build and can generate monthly, bespoke reports that highlight the most important metrics to target and how you can improve on these.

Best practice to ensure a faster website

The speed of your website is key to creating a great user experience. Because most of us view a website on a mobile device your website needs to load fast.

There is a range of factors that can affect the speed of your website, from image optimization to the hosting package you choose, but Carbon14 ensure the basics are covered. Carbon14 then carries out regular speed tests to ensure it is performing as it should.

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SEO & Marketing

“79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with a website’s performance are less likely to buy from the same site again”


Developing content for now, and the future

Browsing habits and the way search engines use our queries are changing rapidly, so your content needs to match this. More people are using voice search to find instant answers to their query and it is important your content is structured correctly to give your content the best chance of being used

Carbon14 work with you to structure your content effectively and deliver answers to some of the most popular search queries in your field.

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SEO & Marketing

Marketing research to increase sales

If you’re a business owner, or considering a new startup venture, identifying the correct marketing process can be time-consuming and at times confusing. There seems to be so much that needs to be done it can be difficult to prioritise what is really important.

Carbon14 develops a marketing and advertising strategy that focuses on the areas that are important and deliver more conversion opportunities. A proven method that consistently builds your online business, brick by brick.

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